11.7.2018 NAPS

Hi friends! So, I’m working on lots of fun and freeeeee printables to share hopefully this weekend, Letter D Week is well underway, I restarted my diet and almost passed out from sugar detox on Monday. Binging on snickers and M&Ms for a week was clearly a bad idea. So, it’s been a lively week so far. But, more about all of that in a few days! Today, I wanted to talk about naps.

What do other parents do with 2+ napping kiddos on days when only 1 parent is home? J is 4 months, and naturally his 3 naps don’t line up with K’s (almost 2 1/2 yr old) 1 nap a day. Sometimes they do. It’s a cluster fork over here. (Go watch the Good Place on Netflix or Hulu, it’s amazing and you’re welcome.) 😉

Ugh. They’re so cute I can’t handle it. K reading one of his letter of the week books to J this morning. 

I usually put on a movie and make sure K has his blanket (which needs to be washed btw, remind me to do that). I make sure all the doors are locked, and I also have a baby monitor set up in the living room. He likes to escape and play with trucks out on our deck, and he’s learned he can talk to me through the monitor now. 😂 this kid is too much.

Super old grainy Summer monitor system. but it gets toddler handled, and it still works. WIN. 


Anyhoo, I cannot see him in the kitchen. I can watch him leave the living room, then there’s a small area where I’m blind from my rocking chair, right at the fridge and pantry. After he brought me a gallon of milk and a pint of raspberries for a snack recently, we had to install a fridge and pantry lock. So now he just runs into the nursery screaming “Momma SNAAACK PEAAAS!” unless I make sure he’s got some milk and a snack before I disappear into the nursery. So. That’s super helpful. J is gonna be able to sleep through anything when he gets older. That training is well underway.

Then there’s the times that K desperately needs a nap, and J is ready to party, but I can’t very well leave a 4 babbling month old unattended. So sometimes we do a fun “tivity”, and I hope J wants to “rest” soon. OR, J goes into his crib, and I spend a few minutes rocking K, in the nursery, and just pray that J is cool playing in his crib for a minute.. sometimes he is cool. sometimes he is definitely not cool.

One of our fun activties this week, shaving cream “Dd”

And yes, you heard that correctly. My almost 2.5 year old likes to rock before naps/bedtime still, that’s probably where our problem is, it would be a lot easier if I could just put him in his crib and move on with my day. But, I’m definitely going to continue to rock him. And, before you go judging me, let me defend myself here. 😂

I love that he cuddles with me, I don’t want to squelch that. In a few years, he won’t want to rock or cuddle with me. He’s only going to be little for such a short time. At this age, I will never rush him to grow up. Gimme ALL them cuddles.

So. Obvi the whole situation is not ideal, but I’m trying to work with what we’ve got here. I’m really curious how other parents of 2 nappers deal with this situation! Shoot me a message or leave me a comment! Thanks so much for being here! 😘



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