Letter N

Yay! Letter N week(ish) I hope everyone is well! Spring is trying to arrive!! We just can’t wait to get outside and play.

Word Bank: nail, nose, nest, nine, numbers, notes, notebook, nut, needle, neck, noodle, necklace, nature, nice, night

N is for Nest

We did 2 different n is for nest activities! We made chocolate pretzel nests with little chocolate eggs inside! There were super cute, and easy peasy! I just melted some Ghirahdelli baking chocolates, and some peanut butter. Then we mixed it up with some mini pretzel rods, and tossed on 2 or 3 M&Ms on top. So cute.

The 2nd N is for Nest activity, I grabbed a few kitchen utensils, I used my pastry cutter, and a potato masher and we used some brown paint to make nests! The middle nest, we used a handprint. Then we used some blue paint to make little birdies in each of the nests! K LOVED this! What is it about kids and kitchen utensils?

N is for Nature Hunt

I had V throw together this wooden tray for me a few weeks back in preparation for N week. Then, we just went outside and searched for items. We’ve done this 2 different ways now. The first time, I just called out and item, “an acorn!” and on the hunt we went for an acorn. The 2nd time, I used some colored paper, and then we tried to find things in the yard that matched those colors. Its March in Michigan, so this was tough, but we successfully found some of each color! We searched for the following,

  • Items- a Stick, Leaf, Acorn, Pine Cone and something that doesn’t belong (paper or trash)
  • Colors- Red, Green, White, Brown and Black

This will be a super fun activity once the flowers and trees are all blooming in the yard! I’m planning to use this for number work too. This would be super easy to fudge if you don’t have a handy dude to make a wooden box like this for you. You could use a cardboard box with taped cardboard to make little area, or I’ve seen plenty of bath caddies that have little separate areas, I actually use one for my makeup OR some Melissa and Doug toys come with these little wooden boxes, you could totally repurpose them for this activity! Whatever you do, definitely get outside and do this. It was super fun and super easy!

N is for Night

This was awesome, I can’t believe it took us this long to do something like this. I took my clear contact paper and cut out shapes. I cut out a moon, some stars and a capital N. These are basically stickers, so you stick them onto your paper, then give your little artist some paint! We paint with all kinds of things, fingers, sponges, paint brushes, forks. whatever you want, keep it fun and experiment with different items! We just used an old fashioned paint brush this time. The paint doesn’t dry on the stickers! So we painted a back page, and the moon, stars and N, then when he was done, I wiped the stickers off, MAGIC!

This is another keeper! This activity can be totally adjusted to fit the age of your kiddo, or the theme of your activities!

N is for Noodle Sensory Bins

We did a lot with noodles this week! Who knew noodles were so much fun to play with! Luckily, baby J, who is somehow now 9 months old, LOVES playing with noodles, so I often boil some up and let the boys play with them while I’m cooking. This is perfect for messy play! For sensory bins, I usually let K pick what he wants to play with. Sometimes he plays with trucks, sometimes we do cups and spoons, or random kitchen utensils. There’s no limit, you can seriously throw anything interesting in there and they will find a clever way to do it.

We also really enjoyed playing with dried noodles! Ours were dyed, but they certainly don’t need to be! K probably would have been just as happy to play with random noodles straight from the pantry! He got some dinosaurs and and went to town!

N is for Noodley Necklaces

I dyed up a bunch of noodles, blog post coming soon for that! I dyed up some large tube like noodles, rigatoni, I believe, so we could make these necklaces. They were super cute and K really enjoyed making them for us! We just used yarn, and I made a “needle” out of a popsicle stick so we could easily thread the noodle, we made the necklaces extra log so we could easily get them on and off. Cute cute cute.

N is for Noodle Cutting

We did some scissor practice with noodles. This was one of my strong moments. Vin was working late, and K was being a total toddler, so I threw this together really quick and saved the evening. I just tossed a ton of linguini noodles in a pan with his toddler scissors and gave him a sheet of paper with 3 boxes drawn on it. I asked him to cut the noodles and lay them down inside the boxes. The only way he could get the noodles in the boxes, was if he let go of his scissors and used 2 hands on his noodle. Every time he picked the scissors back up, we worked on the correct way to hold them. He’s starting to get it, yay! I had to correct his form a few times, but our scissor practice has definitely been paying off! Scissors are definitely NOT just for paper!

N is for Nuts

We found some white cornmeal in the Kroger clearance section. I love finding things like this, because we clearly aren’t eating this stuff, but I’ll happily pay $0.25 for a big container of corn meal! So, we used it to play with almonds! I drew sprinkled some in a pie pan, then handed K a bunch of almonds to fill out letter. We snacked on them and counted the nuts. Then after he finished his task of filling the N, he just played in the corn meal with his little cup! Super cute, and a quick zip of the vacuum cleaned up the mess!

N is for Number Train

I’ve been trying to do more things with numbers with K. He definitely understands counting, and we count a lot, but we don’t do a ton with reading the actual numbers and knowing what they mean. So this was fun, He still doesn’t get it, but we’ll get there eventually! I took out our large roll of white paper and drew a train pulling boxes filled with 1-10. I am clearly not an artist, but he got the idea. He did however comment on the size of the wheels. Apparently they’re too small for a big train. Noted. I wrote 1-10 on some post-it notes and stuck them to some of our magnatiles. Then we filled our train and matched the numbers! He loved this. I left it on the table and he just kept coming back to it all day, then again when V got home from work. This activity could easily be modified for your theme or to make it age appropriate! You could do their name, or shapes or colors. Instead of a train, do a tractor or a car. Whatever they’re into that will catch their attention. And if you’re like me and can’t draw well. GOOGLE pictures of trains and just wing it. It certainly doesn’t need to be perfect for your little to love it!!

That’s a wrap on N week! Thanks so much for reading friends! Leave me a comment if you have tried any of this fun stuff! We love to hear from you. Have a super week, and do something fun today!

x, B

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