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So, this is something new for us, I haven’t done an official toy review yet! Zimpli Kids sent us 2 surprise products for us to review. They sent their “Smelli Gelli Baff” and their “Slime Baff”. “Turns your bath water into gooey slime” and “Turns your bath water into goo!”  This oughta be fun!

The moment we opened the package, K said “I want to do that!” They sure do look like a lot of fun!

First, we tried the Smell Gelli Baff, scented like tutti frutti. yum.

Disclaimer- Both of the products they sent us are designed to be used in the bathtub. The packaging states clearly that they will not clog drains unless you have existing issues with drainage.  It also states that there are no harmful chemicals, it is non-toxic and it’s kind on skin. Post partum hair loss is still a real struggle here, so I was honestly worried about the drainage issues. And K has super sensitive skin, so I decided to just use the product as a sensory bin for him to play with rather than filling my bathtub full of it.

Smelli Gelli Baff, here we go.

The instructions very clearly explain how to use the products in the bathtub. I on the other hand, used a large aluminum container, filled it with warm water, and I figured that it was probably about a 1/4 of the amount of water in the bathtub, ish.

I sprinkled on 1/4 of the bright orange powder on top of the water, and occasionally mixed it for about 10 minutes as the directions said. It also smelled Ahhhhmazing! Like candy!

I put the container on a plastic table cloth on the floor, and just let him at it! It was fun! It wasn’t just gooey, but it was like a structured gel, that was really fun to play with.

K is a professional when it comes to sensory bins, so he loved this. Eventually he asked for a few toys to add, so his dinos went for a gelli swim.

Once you’re done with the Smell Gelli Baff, the paperwork instructs you to sprinkle the 2nd bag into the top of the gell, and it just slowly dissolved. You can add a little salt if you’re in the middle of making dinner and impatient like me and it broke down the gelli completely, and it ran right down our kitchen sink drain with 0 trouble. Pretty Neat. It’s been about a week since we did this also, and I’m happy to report not a single drain issue!

He definitely made a mess, but it really wasn’t much to clean up, so not that big of a deal!  I was worried about his skin reacting, and he had 0 reaction whatsoever. Thank goodness because he was basically trying to bathe in that teeny aluminum container. His clothes and the white towel underneath him came completely clean in the laundry without any extra steps. I imagine that if we did try this in the bathtub, it would go great, and I’m sure K would absolutely love to play with it in the bathtub!!

Next is the Slime Baff. I’m not going to lie to you guys. I was a bit scared of this one.

The instructions for the Slime Baff are again, very easy to follow, and clearly written out. Its essentially the same idea, except there isn’t a 2nd step to dissolve the slime baff as there was for the gelli baff. I filled another aluminum pan with warm water, sprinkled the green powder on top, and occasionally mixed it until it was ready, or so I thought. It took a little longer than the Smelli Gelli Baff to set up. So when I put it on the floor for K to play with, it wasn’t quite slime yet. So in my head, I thought “not so bad” Then after a few minutes, it really set up. We may have used too much of the powder, because it wasn’t just slime, it was super slime and it was sticky, and it stuck to everything. Naturally, K loved that!

So much so, that he played on the floor in it for over 45 minutes, which is basically a lifetime for a 2 year old. In went his truck, and he went to town. Toddler review 10/10 hands down. He LOVED it. Just like the paper work states, no drain issues (it just sucked right down the drain!) It didn’t stain clothing, the sticky disaster that were K’s clothes washed right off in the laundry. And, no reaction whatsoever on his skin. Excellent.

I still didn’t love it, it’s just not for me. I like to think I’m pretty laid back when it comes to messy play. I let him do his thing, but this one was just too much. It got everywhere. I stripped him down to, ironically, throw him in the bath, and although his clothes stayed with the slime, the slime followed us down the hall way and into the bathroom. And, it was legit slime. Circa Nickelodeon 1999 green super slippery sticky slime. And this slime just would not quit, it took a lot of work to get it off my floors. Had he been in the bathtub all along, I wouldn’t have ran into these problems! 🤦🏼‍♀️

Both of these products do exactly as they say, and they were super fun for sensory play! In hindsight, my review of these products would be much better, had I used the products as they were intended and designed. Toddler review 10/10, he LOVED both of them! While, I would pass on the Slime Baff, I would definitely purchase the Smelli Gelli Baff in the future. If you’re looking for a fun sensory experience for your littles, definitely give this company a look! They have a ton of really cool products on their website, I think the Gelli Snow would also be a really cool one to play with!  www.ZimpliKids.com

Thank you to Zimpli Kids for sending us these fun toys to play with! We really appreciate the opportunity!

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