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Yay L Week! I think I’ve found a decent balance between our letter of the week series and the laundry [NOPES- I don’t know what crazy lady wrote that. IRL, I totally skipped M week all together so I could catch up on life, laundry and sleep. 😂]

It’s been a serious battle over here! If I do too much in the activities world, the house falls apart, and vice versa. So, it may be less than what I usually write about, but it is what it is. Quality over quantity right?!

I’ve had a few people reach out to me and ask me how I have time to plan and do any of this stuff with 2 kiddos, cooking 3 meals a day, grocery shopping, working PT and always being behind on house work. 😉 I’m not going to lie, it’s hard. If you follow me on IG, this is no surprise, but don’t sleep much in general. I wake up super early so I can have 2-3 hours of “me” time and drink my hot coffee in the peace and quiet. Especially because right now, it’s rare for the boys to nap at the same time. Sometimes the kitchen has to wait to be cleaned up, the laundry often waits in a basket for a day or so. But the one piece of advice my Granny gives me time and time again, is my chores will wait. The boys are only little for such a short time. So, against my neurotic preferences, I do my best to embrace the mess and play with my kids. I’m listening Granny!

So, here’s my behind the scenes run down. On my well planned weeks, I start with my word bank. Every practical word that I can think of that starts with our letter, and into my handy dandy notebook it goes, insert blues clues music. 😉 Y’all remember blues clues?! I loved that show. Anywhoo, I have this notebook that I keep in close reach at all times, full of ideas, inspiration, recipes, grocery lists, birthday party ideas. A lot of my ideas come to me when I’m making my word bank, so I write them down immediately. I head downstairs to our office and print any fun printable activities I can find- 4 letters at a time and put them in my notebook. I print a few letters at a time so I don’t have to do it every week. If I don’t print them ahead of time, I won’t print them on the fly, it’s just too much pressure. I rummage through our craft supplies, my pantry, the closets, for any kind of random stuff to spark inspiration. Sometimes I think of fun ideas for letters that are far ahead of us, I have a special page in my notebook for that. So, I write down like 10 or so activity ideas, make sure I have the supplies I need, and then loosely plan our week. Do this and this together, Do this on Monday to keep him busy while I put away groceries, this is independent play, this is group play. You get the idea. 9 times out of 10, it’s like 10 am, K is running around like a maniac and I have to quickly find something for us to do because he is clearly in some desperate need of direction and structure. So, I try to have 1-2 things I can quickly grab for whatever the mood of the day is. Sometimes he needs a quiet table activity, like clay and noodles, sometimes a gross motor activity to get some of the giggles and wiggles out. It’s total chaos over here, But it’s also amazing. 😉

Our letter of the week plan has started taking a bit longer than a week now that baby J is crawling, and I’m definitely okay with that. The reason I started this blog was to help me stay accountable with our routine, but there’s no harm in taking breaks to recoup, brainstorm and catch up on life (SLEEP) for a few days! 🖤

Here’s our letter L, thanks for reading!

L is for Lamb

Anyone seeing a pattern with the sticky activities? This was fun, K really enjoyed it! Another activity I found at www. Measuredmom.com! Sometimes we do these sticky activities on a horizontal surface, sometimes on a vertical. Switching up little details like this, keeps it interesting for both of us! I drew a lamb on the nonsticky side of some contact paper, then removed the backing, and taped it sticky side up on his floor. Then we pulled out a ton of cotton balls (from an old sensory bin), ripped them into smaller pieces, and he went to town. He loved this, and set up took all of  3 minutes! Once he is done, I usually place the backing back on his creation, and hang it in his play room for the week. I feel bad throwing this stuff away, but we’ve got quite the collection of crafts these days.   Time to purge!

L is for Ladybugs

I cut out a bunch of circles out of red construction paper. Then I cut a large-ish piece of white paper and drew an L big enough that the red circles would comfortably fit inside. I drew the lines on the ladybugs to give them “wings” & a “head” but for kiddos a little older, you could totally have them do this part. I just know the attention span of my toddler.😉  Then, we glued the ladybugs on the L. At this point, K was done, and ready to go run around. So, a few days later, I got out the washable black paint, and we did some finger painting to complete our ladybugs with dots and I added the antennae. So cute. Easy and fun!

L is for Lamp

I cut a couple simple lamp shapes for this one, and K and I glued it down. I usually just put a dollop of glue in a mini cupcake liner, and I give him a cakepop stick. It really helps keep the glue under control. Even if he does get wet and wild with the glue, its like the teeniest amount to clean up. nbd.

Then, I gave him random sized strips of washi tape from, you guessed it, the dollar store. Done. He made a lamp and decorated it.

L is for Lava Lamp (kinda)

So, this didn’t quite work out as well as I expected to, I’m not sure what we did wrong! It was cool, and K did love dropping the alka-seltzer tabs in, so it wasn’t a total waste. I’m going to add baby oil to my next grocery list and try again before I leave you with instructions!

L is for Lima Beans

I was really surprised with how well he did with this! The first attempt was’t successful and I had to modify it. At first, I wrote the letters on the beans in in the circles in random colors. Then when I gave him the A bean, he told me it didn’t match the paper A because they were different colors. Astute. So, I made new beans with A-L with the correct corresponding colors and he did great! I had to keep him on task a few different times, he would occasionally get sidetracked (singing to his beans?- Toddlers 🤷🏼‍♀️) So, to keep him focused, I had him pull 1 bean at a time from our little cupcake liner and find the match. We did 2 full rounds of this, super fun! I was really impressed with how well he did!

L is for Lion

Another paper plate craft comming atcha! How cute is this!? I’ve mentioned it before, but we have an embarrassing amount of markers, crayons and colored pencils. A LOT. So, I grabbed an orange marker so we could color the lions mane, and it was basically dry. As were 6 other orange markers and highlighters! I need to go through our supplies and purge. (UPDATE- During my recoup week, I reorganized all of our craft supplies and it’s so much better! We are going to enter M week at a sprint now!) So, anyhoo, our lion mane is a mix of orange markers and crayons. I think it adds to it’s charm. 😉 Then, we cut a circle out of yellow paper and I drew on a lion face.  We glued on the face and some curly noodles to the mane.

L Books

I had a stack of L books on the table for the week, and K chose Llama Llama Red Pajama, every single day. I’m not even exaggerating. I’m sure I can recite this book by memory at this point. Llama Llama red pajama waiting waiting for his mama. 😏

L Printables

We love all the printables from www.Measuredmom.com !

L Scissor Practice

We cut a bunch of Ls out of construction paper, and this time, I gave K a little more freedom to do it on his own. He did, well, about as well as you can expect a 2 yr old to do. But, he seemed a little more proud of them this time!

L is for Labels & Ladder

I found some of our left over envelope labels in the office, so I had K stamp them with his do-a-dot markers, I had no plan for them at the time, figured I’d wing it and think of something eventually. Then a few days later, I drew a big L on a sheet of paper, and told him to use the labels to make the L into a ladder! He loved it! V often has to get onto our roof, and we always seem to be renovating something in this old house, so K is very familiar with ladders. Have I told you the story about the ladder when we were potty training? Ya, That’s certainly one for another blog post. 😉

That’s it for L week! Thanks so much for reading! We’d love to hear from you! Are you doing any fun themed activities with your kiddos right now?!

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X, B 🦖

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