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Hey Friends!

Is it spring yet?! This winter has been a doozy for us. Snow, Ice, frigid temps have kept us home more often than not. Everyone is sick, and we haven’t seen most of our friends in weeks. The sun has actually been out a few times this week, but we’ve been too sick, or it’s been far too cold to enjoy it. Meh, I’m over it. I so desperately miss being warm, but the month of February has something like 694 days. Then March, which is when we expect spring to come, but it doesn’t. I’m being super dramatic, but I miss you spring, come back to me!!

Real talk though, J just started leap 6, and nodody told me the 4 month sleep regression can last, like, always. Don’t babies need sleep, and, a fair amount of it? Because my little sweet peanut sleeps very little, and seems to be just fine? Send help. Or good wine. Definitely send both. Please.

Aaaaaanyways, enough of my sleep deprived ramblings. You came here for K week!! We were snowed in for most of the week, so we weren’t able to get to the store or go to the library for books and movies. So, my creativity was definitely tested with limited supplies here. Be patient. 😂

Word Bank: kind, kangaroo, kid, Kade, king, kiwi, koala, knife, kite, key, knit, kitten, keyboard, kettlecorn, kitkat, kabob, kitchen, ketchup

K is for Key

The picture of this isn’t very good, no sun in Michigan means no natural light for pretty pictures. We use a lot of the vintage light bulbs in our house, which make everything look yellow unless there’s some sunshine. Not cute.

Anyhoo, this was fun! I had been buying contact paper from the dollar store, but I found a large roll at Target that ended up being less expensive than what the dollar store charges for the little rolls. And for as much as we like sticky crafts, the large roll is the way to go. Anyways, I cut out a large piece, and drew a large key outline on the nonsticky side with a marker. Let the marker dry for a moment, then removed the backing and tape the contact paper so the sticky side is sticking out. I taped it to our door wall, but you could tape it up anywhere, a wall, cabinet, your refrigerator. Tape your contact paper all over the house, it keeps things interesting! Then I just took a small piece of foil, and ripped it into small pieces and gave K some instructions. He’s never played with foil before, so I think he was more interested in the foil itself.  I had to keep redirecting him, but he did pretty well keeping it in the lines. Half of the foil pieces ended up in teeny balls on the floor, but he got a fair amount of them on the key and inside the key. Win.

K is for Kite

This is another contact paper craft. I intended on using tissue paper for this activity, but naturally I forgot it at the store, and then 9387 inches of snow was dropped on us, and it was -30 degrees so I couldn’t go out and get any. So, I dyed coffee filters with food coloring for this instead! So fun and so easy! I’ll do another blog post on how I did that. So, for our kite activity I taped up some contact paper on the window, sticky side facing us, and then I used strips of  black construction paper to make diamonds, with a small piece of string hanging off the bottom of each. Voila, kites! Then we filled the kites with small pieces of dyed coffee filters. They’re super pretty, I actually left them on the window because I love when the sun comes out and lights up the colored kites.

A few days later, we did ANOTHER sticky activity, and I simply drew a K and we filled it with our pretty coffee filters again. But this point, he was over it. I went too far with the contact paper. Noted.

Glitter glue K

I was feeling super sick one day, but as many of you can imagine, I’m really bad at slowing down, and moms aren’t allowed to rest! So I was a combo of self inflicted exhaustion and super sick. K was running around like a banchee, so I threw this together so I could sit feeling like a crumball in peace. I just drew an outline of a K on some construction paper and gave him his special glitter glue pens. To town he happily went.

Cardboard K (& J redo)

Last week I made the mistake of giving K a combo of paint that made our cardboard J look like, well, poop. So, this week, we painted our K and repainted our J with just the 3 primary colors and I cut up a beer coozy for him to paint with. Weird, yes, does it work, YES! He loves painting with random stuff, wine corks, caps, forks, legos, whatever I can find that’s either trash or washable! So much fun! And now they’re adorable and ready to hang in the boys play room!

K is for Kiwi

I’ve been digging the paper plate crafts lately! This week we painted a paperplate green, then painted the outside ring brown, and glued on some pieces of black paper for the kiwi seeds. Our end result is a very abstract kiwi. So abstract that Daddy had no idea what it was when K was proudly showing off what we did for the day. Ha, at least we had fun doing it right?!

K is for King Kade

I’m just now realizing we hit the crafts and construction paper pretty hard this week. I cut out a super simple crown out of yellow construction paper, drew a couple shapes on it, and let K decorate the different shapes. Super cute. I don’t spend much time making these hats because the amount of time I spend prepping an activity is inversely related to how long it actually holds his attention. This one is surprisingly still holding on!

K is for Knife

We did some fork and knife practice this week. I gave K a cutting board with half a banana, and we practiced how to use a knife while holding a fork. Its a hard concept, holding one hand still, while cutting with the other. I didn’t get any pictures but a few days later, we practiced again with playdoh “snakes”.

K is for KitKat & Kiwi

We had kitkats as a treat and kiwi as our dessert one day. Yum. I quickly drew a capital K on a sheet of paper and we filled it with KitKat chunks before we ate them. So easy, so yummy.


I got these from www.measuredmom.com, and K is still super digging the handwriting sheets. I print one of these, we do the large letter together, then he does the smaller (until they’re too small) himself. Lately, he’s been wanting more, so we’ve been doing whiteboard letters and/or chalkboard letters too! I love how enthusiastic he is about these!

K is for Kangaroo

When will I learn? One morning, I woke up and had the “genius” idea to sew K a kangaroo pouch out of scrap fabric. It took me like 2 valuable hours, and he played with it for approximately 4 minutes. And, best part, it doesn’t even look like a kangaroo pouch. Just imagine a toddler in a loin cloth. It lasted such a short amount of time, that I didn’t even get any pictures. 😂 They can’t all be winners my friends.

Kinetic Sand

Okay, I’m all about making activities and sensory bins with things you can find in your home, but Kinetic sand is AMAZING. I’ve been wanting to get some for K for a while but for whatever reason, I wasn’t convinced it was all it’s cracked up to be. I’m here to tell you that it most certainly is. 150%. Not only did K play with it and 1 small mold for nearly an hour. I played with it for a very long time too! It’s a really cool sensory toy. It packs and forms like wet sand, but not at all sandy like dry sand, it’s almost like playdoh, because it sticks to itself, but it falls apart without pressure. I also found it to be very relaxing to play with, and if that’s not enough reasons to buy some, there was very little mess, nothing a quick zip with the vacuum couldn’t fix. I found a couple small containers of it at Barnes and Noble, so we are definitely going to be purchasing more. This is a huge winner. HUGE.

That’s a wrap on K! So hopefully everyone starts feeling better soon, and we resume our normal programming around here. Thanks for reading friends, I hope you’re all staying warm! Don’t forget to click follow below for e-mail updates! Have a magical Sunday!

X, B 🦖

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