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Hey Everyone! Sorry for the delay on this, not sure if anyone noticed, but I can’t seem to get it together to do my blog posts on time anymore! Some day I’ll find a healthy balance. But for now, my blog post is A week late, BUT all the laundry is caught up, so there’s that. Hopefully we have an easier week coming up because J week was another doozy!  BUT, the weather took a turn for the worst this week, we got a TON of snow, so these activities have quite literally been saving my already cabin fever ridden sanity.

J Word Bank: jaguar, jace, jump, janitor, jammies, jacket, jail, jam, jet, jewel, jog, joy, jingle, juice, jet, jeans, jungle, jewelry, jellyfish, jar, jumprope, junkfood, jamboree, Jesus, jack-o-lantern, junkfood

J is for Junkfood sensory bin

I found these little erasers at Target, and K is obsessed, he played with this setup 4 different times last week. I love searching through the party section of stores finding little things like this for his sensory bins! We are very lucky because he usually doesn’t put this kind of stuff in his mouth, although he did this time and learned the hard way when I threw a couple of them in the garbage.

So, anytime you give your little person beans or anything small that they could potentially choke on, please pay close attention to what they’re doing!!

Ji and Dot stickers

This is a super easy one to throw together, and great for fine motor! We did a Jj, but you could anything! Circles, numbers,  or just lines. Whatever you want. This account I follow on IG, @busytoddler does a lot with dot stickers, and from her, I learned that if you remove the backing, the white sticky part between the stickers, little fingers have a much easier time getting the stickers off the sheet! So helpful!

J painting

I found these cute cardboard letters at, you guessed, Target. I didn’t get many, just a J and a K for the boys names, I figured we’d paint them and then hang them up in their play room! So fun! From this activity, I learned, again, to limit his options. I don’t know why I keep having to relearn this rule. Especially with paint. So, we were left with a very ugly J, after K just mixed up all the colors. Next week, we will try to fix it with just a few colors!

J is for Jar Painting

This was fun! I got this idea from MeasuredMom.com, she has so many valuable resources on her site! Anyways, she painted with larger jars, and didn’t have much success, so we tried with babyfood jars, and it was brilliant! I drew a upper and lower case J on our large roll of paper and we stamped the mouth of the jar with red and blue paint. I had to help K with this a lot, because the paint is slippery, and the jars are glass, you get the idea! Again, 2 options of paint. Way better than 7. 😂

J Library Books & Movies

These are the goodies we found at the Library for J week!

J is for Jump

We did a couple different things with jump!

We jumped on Momma and Daddy’s bed. K isn’t usually allowed to, so this was a special treat for him.

We did a fun take on hopscotch. I took some leftover pieces of felt, and drew a J or j on each of them, and then laid them out on the carpet. We started with Me saying “where should I jump, big j or little j?’ and he’d shout out “little j”. Then I’d silly jump around to the little j’s. We first did this in a line, then me moved the pieces around the room. Super fun.

We also sing this silly song “Do you like to jump around” when K is super wound up and being a crazed toddler. These are the lyrics I sing “Do you like to jump around, jump around, jump around, Do you like to jump around, NOW LETS FREEZE (freeze for 3 seconds) / Do you want to wiggle your feet, wiggle your feet, wiggle your feet, do you like to wiggle your feet, NOW LETS FREEZE! (freeze for 3 seconds). ETC. I sing this to the tune of “Do you know the Muffin Man” and K LOVES it. We do “wiggle your toes/arms/legs/butt/ jump around/kick your feet” whatever you can think of, but his favorite is “jump around”. This is a fun one. Definitely try this and get those wiggles out!

J printables

Since I was scraping the bottom of the bucket again this week, we did lots of printables! I don’t mean to say they aren’t helpful, because THEY ARE, for sure. But K has to be in a very specific mood to be willing to do them, and my window for this chill but willing to cooperate mood is pretty small, so I have to plan ahead for sure. While I was online printing out some printables from The Measured Mom, I found some cool handwriting worksheets. Go check out The Measured Mom. She has SO MANY amazing ideas for fun and practical ways to teach your littles! K loves his new table top easel, and he really seems to enjoy writing and drawing, so I thought we’d give some handwriting worksheets a try. I know he’s young, but if he enjoys it, why not right?!

And guess what, he loved them! His Daddy has excellent handwriting, so hopefully K will someday too! Obviously I helped him a lot with the first J, but the other he did on his own! I was super impressed with it. I will definitely be adding more of these worksheets to our routine!

J is for JELLO

So, early in the week I attempted a layered jello mold with a banana layer, and 3 different colors. EXTRA. June Clever would not have been impressed. It tasted amazing, but it was so so so ugly. The colors were only sort of layered, and it mostly just looked like a brown jiggly blog with bananas floating in it. So, I tried again, and we did some sugar free Jello Jigglers instead. Pretty hard to mess those up, and K loved them.

J is for Jammies

We stayed in our jammies all day multiple times last week! K doesn’t care, but it was fun!

J is for Jellyfish

Our Jellyfish craft was super cute! I cut 2 paper plates in half, K is really big on things being families, so we had a momma, a daddy, a K and a baby Jellyfish. The baby didn’t get a name. 😂

We used our Dot markers to decorate our jellyfish. He helped me tape a bunch of random yarn pieces to the back of them, and then we glued on some silly googly eyes. That afternoon we watched a segment on jellyfish on YouTube too, he didn’t care AT ALL about it, but this Momma enjoyed it!

That a wrap on J week! K week is well underway, somehow it’s Thursday and I haven’t even finished this post! Wish me luck today. Maybe I’ll finish this. Probably not. (Update, didn’t finish it! 😂)

I hope everyone is staying warm and safe this winter, it’s cold out there!!

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x, B 🦖

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