Letter I

Hey friends! How’s everyone doing?! Things have been good over here, I’ve been obsessing about staying on top of the laundry for the last week, and it’s EXHAUSTING. How long is it supposed to take for something to become a habit? I also purged like 75% of the clothes I was hoarding this week. Our living room is next!!

Letter I was a tough one! It was challenging coming up with ideas! I have a notebook where I plan out our activities, and normally, from my ideas, I choose 2-3 fine motor/sensory 2-3 gross motor, some independent, some group, something messy, you get the idea. Last week, we did every single activity I could come up with! Here’s to hoping J is a little easier to put together!

I is for Ice Cubes

So, this is a winner. Awesome for summer, but totally works in the winter too! I froze some of Ks little Dino counters in water using a baby food container, then gave him some warm water and a couple spoons and 2 medicine syringes. I Sometimes I just give him ice cubes, talk about sink vs float, hot vs cold. You can do so much with ice! This time I told him to save the Dino’s from the ice! He’s still figuring out the syringes, it’s a hard concept. I like giving him a task, like “save the dinos!” and some tools and letting him brain storm and problem solve to figure it out.

So he happily went at it while I dealt with a broken dishwasher, like I don’t have enough going on right now, stupid dishes. Have I mentioned, I cannot stand washing dishes by hand. Hate it.

Anywhooo, K loves this activity! I have a tray of frozen poms and little cut up pieces of paper in the freezer right now too, just waiting for their chance to save the day. Trust me, do this, like today! Ice cube trays are so versatile! I love them for toddler stuff!

I is for Ice Cream

I try to come up with something edible to fit into our letter of the week, this was an easy one. After dinner one night, we had an ice cream surprise! I put some goodies in mini muffin liners, and let him add sprinkles and nuts and chocolate chips to his ice cream scoop. SO FUN. We usually give him a coconut milk sugar free ice cream if he’s having it right before bed, but, naturally I didn’t have it, so this was full sugar, full yum.

I is for Igloo

So we made a paper mache igloo earlier in the week! For me, it was so nostalgic, I went way back to my school days like the moment we started doing the paper strips and goo. So fun! I used a balloon, a half plastic circle from a container of puffs, taped those together and then I covered it with some plastic wrap. I made up the goo, a 1:1 ratio of flour and water (so easy!) then cut up some newspaper, and we went to town! He loved this, we will definitely add this to the “do again” list! He enjoyed making the newspaper strips smaller, putting them in the goo, and haphazardly slapping them on the mold. Trust me. This is messy, like, immediate bath afterwards messy. I’ve learned that if we do messy stuff on the table, not only do I have to clean the table, but I clean the chairs, and the floor and the walls, anything little hands can touch. BUT if you start on the floor, it’s SO MUCH EASIER TO CLEAN! I put a ton of newspaper in the middle of the floor, stripped him down and tossed him in a bubble bath the second we were done, no big deal!

I try to embrace the mess, it honestly doesn’t take very long to clean this stuff up, even if I just swept and mopped the floors. And we are busy making memories, so I try to remind myself of that when I see the mess occurring. It’s just flour. It’s just flour. It’s just flour. 😂

I for Igloo (take 2)

Later that week, we used our new igloo in a sensory bin of an igloo scene. I keep a box of baking soda in our fridge and in the laundry room, when those are “old” I toss them in his sensory bag, and it’s fluffy like snow! I added some little trees and signs from his train table set, and a couple of dinos for him to play with in their new igloo house. He was imagining up a storm! Sometimes I sit with my coffee and do these with him, to helps with the mess if I’m participating. But, other times I just let him do his thing, and I walk away, keep a watchful eye on him from afar so he doesn’t get too out of control with the mess.

His imagination is really starting to rev up. He’s making up conversations, I over hear him talking in difference voices, or telling his figurines to “play nice”. Adorable.

I is for Imitate

This idea was from of a dear friend of mine! And, it was perfect, because I was sent this ADORABLE placemat for K from @goodnightfox on Instagram! So, after dinner one night, we had some playtime still available before K was allowed to watch TV, so we tried to Imitate the animals on his new placemat. It was hilarious and adorable. Go check out @goodnightfox on IG here, her etsy page here is ADORABLE, she is so so sweet, and I love it so much because she personally hand drew all her precious little animals. Support Small Y’all. 😉

I is for igloo (take 3)

Seeing a pattern here? We took some ice cubes and tried to build an igloo for our little Paw Patrol Rocky figurine. This was hard, and it basically didn’t work. I was dipping the icecubes in cold water to get them to stick together, but my fingers were cold and it kept  falling over. So I dumped the water in and we talked about icebergs and animals that live on them. All those hours I’ve spent watching Planet Earth sometimes pay off.  So, Rocky went for an icey swim with our hypothetical seals, penguins and polarbears.

I is for Inside

This was a stretch, but I thought I could make it work. Regardless, it’s a great fine motor activity. I gave K a bunch of penne noodles, beads, dried spaghetti and pipe cleaners. As we threaded the pipe cleaners or dried spaghetti through the beads and penne noodles, we talked about which was inside vs outside. What color was on the inside? Do you eat whats on the inside? How about whats on the outside of this one? What color was on the outside?  He only cared so much about the inside/outside part, but he loves threading beads, so he put up with my questions while we played.

I is for Icicle and Igloo crafts

K wasn’t super interested in arts or dot sheets this week. Of course, the week that I’m scraping together ideas he’s not working with me. BUT, he loves glue, and he especially loves glitter glue. So, I pulled out the glue and he was all about it. We glued some sparkley silver pipe cleaners (dollar store!) to a lower case i and talked about icicles. We also glued some mini marshmallows to a printout of an igloo. We ate like 90% of the marshmellows, I can’t buy them anymore. This family is lacking some serious self control. Who eats an entire large bag of mini marshmallows in like 3 days? 😂

I is for “I spy”

This was fun. You guys remember this game right? ” I Spy with my little eye, something  RED!” K mostly understood what I was doing after a few questions, but much like hide and seek, he just kept choosing the same item, the red chair I started the game with. But it was still cute. I bet if I try this game again in a few weeks, he’ll be all over it.

iI post-it game

We play with post-its a lot, K loves it! This time I made it a tad more difficult and used the same color post-its with an i or I on each. Then I taped a piece of paper with i I to the wall and let him go to town.

I is for Ice Skate

I made this super realistic Ice Skate out of cardboard and felt, and added a shoe lace so we could practice our threading! Super great fine motor activity!

There’s a lot of variables you can play with here. Put the postits on a vertical surface, or a horizontal surface, in the kitchen, in the living room, bedroom, put the “post it home” (which is what I call the sheet with iI on it) in another room, so they have to run around. You can use different post it colors, change the orientation of the letters on the post it (so sometimes the sticky side is on the top, bottom or sides), use multiple letters for older kids, use 1 letter for littles. Lots you can do with this one! I just reiterate, look at the letter, which I is it? a lower case or an upper case? When he puts one in the wrong place, I make a silly sound instead of saying “no”, which makes him laugh, and then he runs over and fixes it.

That’s a wrap on I! Thanks for reading everyone. Who is following along with us? Leave some love. Have a super week everyone! It’s almost February, the shortest, and longest month of the year IMO. Then, it’s basically summer, so I’m in a good mood about that. Take care,

x, B 🦖

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