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Hey Everyone! I’m so happy to be writing a letter of the week, LOTW, blog post! The holidays were super fun, but I’ve missed our little routine and our fun time to play together. This week was still a little wacky. One entire afternoon was spent at the boys pediatrician for well visits. Then, I had some weird 24 hour stomach bug, and laid on the floor for a whole day while the boys destroyed the house. Then I had to play catch up around the house, which took like 4 days. How’s that fair? We also had my lovely family in town over the weekend. So, our week of “back to routine” was a bit chaotic. Maybe next week!

I’ll be honest, every time we go to the pediatrician, the milestones paperwork they make us fill out always stresses me out. It feels like a test that I didn’t know I needed to study for!  My brain: “does he know how to do all this? oh no, are we getting behind? I’m doing a bad job. I haven’t been researching enough.” Ya, I’ve got a certain level of crazy, I know that. So, I usually make the nurse give me a copy of the sheet and I go home and basically immediately make sure he can do everything, if he can’t, we work on it. Anyone else do this!? Anyways, a lot of what we did this week, was inspired by things I found on that sheet. I had NO idea K could easily draw a horizontal line across a page, or a vertical line. Both of which were on that sheet and conveniently enough, required to write a capital H!


H Word Bank:

Hilarious, hockey, hand, head, hop, hoop, height, happy, house, hippo, house, heat, hawk, home, help, hurry, heat, hat, hot, hero, helpful, hammer, help, heart, health, huge, hamburger, hooray, huge, horn, handle, hexagon, heavy, hospital, horse, hand print, hive, hopscotch, hippo

H is for Hamburger {Cupcakes}


I actually got this idea from someone on Instagram when I asked for H words! Everyone was so helpful! Anyways, these cupcakes aren’t going to win any taste awards, but they were super fun to make with K! We made a half batch of white cupcake batter, which made 4 white cupcakes and I added chocolate to the remaining 3 cupcakes for the “burger” Then I dyed some frosting and we decorated them. I’ve made these before, I dyed the coconut to look like lettuce for the bottom and you can add sesame seeds to the buns too, but I skipped all that this time. They turned out super cute, and K had a blast helping me measure out the ingredients and make the batter!

I always say “hh, hh, hh, HAT” or “hh, hh, hh hockey” through our word lists during the week. So, the best part of the hamburger cupcakes, was when we were sitting at the dinner table that night, I asked K, what does hamburger start with? He responded “hh hh hh cupcakes!” It was so cute and so so so so funny.

H is for hockey


K ran around playing with Daddy’s hockey gear a couple of times this week. Some of our friends gave us some tiny little gloves for him, so he’s in love. He keeps telling us how he “has to go play hockey tonight”.

H is for “helpful”


When K was really little, we started “helpful treats” aka tictacs, to motivate him to follow instructions and to generally be helpful. Now, at 2 1/2 he usually puts his shoes by the door, most of the time puts away his toys, feeds Murphy his dog food, and now I have him taking his laundry to his room. He might throw it all over once he gets into his room, but, hey, he’s helping, right!? So, we talked a lot about being helpful this week. Things we do for one another, and the things that others do for us that are “helpful”. It was pretty sweet. It’s amazing how much he understands at this age. I basically have entire conversations with him. That, or he’s losing his mind over what color his cup is.  Balance my friends.

H is for House


I cut out basic house shapes out of construction paper and then outlined them on a large piece of white paper. Then we used cake pop sticks and used glue to glue on grass (left over from G week), and I had him put together his house, and glue it down, much like a puzzle. He LOVED this. I definitely want to do this one again. He’s big into puzzles right now, and I think he really enjoyed watching me make it, and getting to choosing the colors for the house pieces. Keeper for sure!

H cutting practice

I’m just realizing, we did a lot with construction paper this week!! For this activity, I started with a simple square so he got the idea, then we cut that out. Then I just drew a couple upper case H’s on the paper of his choice, and we practiced our cutting! I had to help him a lot, to hold the paper, use the scissors correctly, and to slow down so he could cut straight, but he did a really great job, and I was surprised how long this kept his attention! I think he was just as excited for our activities as I was this week!  A “daddy H” and a “baby H”. So cute.

H is for hat, Dino Hat!


This is the 2nd time we’ve done this one. But this time, J and Momma got dino hats too, so we were a dino family for an afternoon.


You need 3 pieces of construction paper. The first 2 pieces are the same, you need to cut them into 4 equal-ish pieces. (Take it from me, don’t worry AT ALL about this not being perfect. My little guy turns into a dinosaur immediately and the hat lasts like 2 hours, max.) Anyways, the 2 sheets are cut into 4 pieces “hamburger style” and the final sheet, cut into 4 pieces “hotdog style”. 2 of the long pieces go around your head for the hat base. The 8 fat pieces, fold in half and cut the corners into dino spikes. Tape the last 2 long pieces together, and fold the spikes around it, taping the points together. Tape the spikes to the hat, and voila. Done. So fun.

H do-a-dot sheets


We did these a little different this week. K got a magnetic easel for Christmas and I was dying to try it out, so we played with magnets on the do-a-dot sheets, and it went over very well! I love this new table top easel. LOVE.

H is for Hand prints


This was SO easy and it pulled him out of a crabby mood almost instantly! I pulled out our huge roll of paper, drew a large Hh on it. I let K pick out 2 colors of paint, and he did painted hand prints on the upper and lower case H. I put up a line with clothespins in his play room for him to show off his artsy farsy creations, and he was quite excited to hang this one up!

H is for Hopscotch


Here’s that huge roll of paper again, I love it! I find myself reaching for it all the time now! Regular computer paper isn’t enough anymore. Everything has to be BIG, and this activity was no exception. It’s cold here in Michigan, so there’s no way we are going outside to do hopscotch. So, I brought it inside! While K can count to 10, I’ve only really introduced K to written 1-3. And he’s probably far to young to do actual hopscotch, so we did toddler version. I used #1-5, and a square, triangle and circle, in different marker colors, and we hopped like a bunny all over that paper. He LOVED this. We laughed, danced, hopped and worked on our shapes and numbers and colors.

And, H week is a wrap! I’m excited for i week! Thanks so much for reading! Remember to subscribe below and you’ll receive e-mails when I release new posts! Thanks again for reading! Have a super week friends!


x, B 

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