Fun ways to play with cardboard boxes!

Hey friends! Just FYI, I’ve decided to put off our letter of the week series until after the New Years! There’s just so much going on, AND I have a ton of Christmasy activities I want to do.  Christmasy is a word, yes? hmmm…

So, how many Amazon boxes do you have floating around your house right now?! Lots, with even more on the way?! Too many to mention without it being embarrasing? Ya, us either 😉 Here’s 9 fun ways to play with them while you wait for recycling day!


1. Make a reading nook/Coloring fort

We’ve done this a few times and its perfect for the HUGE box we get every 3 months filled with our random house paper products. I took my exacto knife, cut a ton of X’s in the top and pushed christmas lights through the holes. I left books inside for K to read. One time, I made it a fun activity to put stickers all over it and throughout the week we colored it with markers.


2. Guessing Game


We did this last week for G week! You can find that post here. Cut a small hole in the top of a box and put a small item inside. Ask your little to guess what the item is only using their fingers to feel it. It took a few tries for K to get the idea, but once he did, he loved it! He even pulled the box out of the recycling bin to play with again once Daddy got home that evening!

3. Roads


I cut boxes up into strips and laid down a maze of roads all over the living room. I did a messy job of taping them together, just so they kind of stayed in the right place, but I didn’t waste much time making sure they were straight or perfect. If your kiddo likes to play with cars/trucks/tractors, trust me, do this.

4. Sorting


You see where this is going right?! I had K sit on the floor and I POURED all the balls on him. Just for fun. I tossed red, green, yellow and blue pieces of construction paper in the bottom of my boxes, along with a few balls, and he knew what to do right away. If you don’t have these balls, you can have them sort literally anything, food toys vs animal toys, different color magnets, different shapes or colors of cardboard. Use what you’ve got.

Pro Tip Here… Don’t Pour 250 ball pit balls on your kid right before nap time, then expect them to happily get to work sorting. Most likely, they will sort like 26% of them, then you’ll have to pick up the rest while they watch Doc McStuffins. Or something like that.


5. Towers/Castles and Imaginative Play


K is really into dinos and dragons, Mr. Destructo likes to drop any kind of “structure”. This was actually the inspiration behind this post! I just kept building his “castles” or “houses” and told him that we were dragons or dinos and we roared and smashed the boxes down. over. and over. and over. We’ve clearly been watching too much Shrek. Also, random side note, but both of my kids LOVE playing with plastic solo cups. We’ve been playing with the same solo cups that were left over from K’s first birthday party. Anything can be a block!


6. Sensory Bins


Our very loved disposable pan that we usually use for sensory bins was donated to a water leak in our basement. So, last week I had to find a sensory bin solution on the fly. I cut the sides down of a large box and taped up the rough edge. I also taped the inside too so that all of our rice didn’t get stuck down in the crevasses.  Last week, K played with this foam bath toy and rice set-up for 43 minutes. 43 minutes friends.

7. Ball Run


K loved this! I couldn’t even finish it before he went to town. We were super low on tape so I was trying to Macgyver it together, not my finest attempt.. Sadly,  right before I took a picture, he fell into it and totally destroyed it. It looks a little sad in this picture here. Next time, I’ll make sure to reinforce it MUCH better.

8. Ramp and Car Garage


Ramps of the past were basically just single pieces of cardboard that I leaned up against a large toy and we pushed cars down. It works, but he almost always bent it. But friends, my ramp game has improved.

K knows the drill when I get that look in my eye, so he was very patient while I was building and talking to myself. I just kept giving him tape and pieces and he “made his own” while I worked on his. Then I pulled out the paint, because I thought it would be super fun to paint it and give it some parking spots and such. (Painting a ramp-garage is way more fun than folding laundry) There is 2 ramps and on the far side, there is a tunnel too. Vin, if you’re reading this, THIS is where all the duct tape went. 😉

9. Cardboard Trees


I cut out some cardboard trees (and also some stars that we haven’t done anything with yet.. maybe we’ll paint those and put them on the tree.)  It’s a toddler Christmas over here, for sure! These trees are really cute and super easy. I cut and painted them green while K was asleep, then he helped me put them together and decorate them. He’ll do just about anything to get to play with glitter glue. While we decorated, K explained to me that we needed to make Santa’s cookies soon. He’s also requested blue cookies for Santa. Toddlers.

That’s my list, thanks for reading! What other fun activities do you do with cardboard boxes?! Let me know, we love new ideas! 😉 happy Fri-yay!


🦖 B 🦕

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