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Hey Friends! Happy Sunday! Our week got a little messed up, our water pressure tank went out, so there was no water at our house while V spent 2 days working on that. {AWSUM} So, we weren’t able to do 4 of my fun ideas, kinda stinks, but I’ll just have to save them and try to incorporate them into another letter! Disclaimer, I feel like this post is a little forced, so my apologizes in advance for that! (Jump ahead if you don’t want to read about my feelings!  😉) I’ve just been feeling a little sad lately. Lately, I’ve been lucky enough to spend some time with lots of my out-of-town family, it’s just left me feeling sad. Sad because seeing everyone makes me realize how much I miss them! After high school, I moved away for college and I never made my way back, which wouldn’t matter at all, because everyone else has spread all over the country. My soul-friend is in Boston, bestie is in Georgia, some are on the wrong side of Michigan, or in Indiana, in S.Carolina, a bunch in Texas, some in N, Carolina.. I’m not complaining, I wouldn’t have my life any other way because I met V, and now we have built this amazing little family together, but I still really miss my people. It’d be nice to call and just meet up for coffee, and not have to book a flight, take out a small loan and make a plan for 8 months from now, ya know??? So, you all know who you are, if you’re reading this, I’m sad, so move closer to me already. 😉

On to the post!

G is for Grapes Do-a-Dot Sheet


K has been really into these sheets lately. I figured out, it’s all about the timing. There’s a sweet spot like an hour after he wakes up, but before he gets all wound up when he’s willing to sit down and do these sheets. Any other time of the day its a no-go. So, here is my G is for Grapes sheet, and I also printed the G is for Gumball sheet from TheMeasuredMom, you can find it here, and a fun gumball machine printable here from pre-k pages, and we went to town with dots. There’s so many fun modifications for these sheets!

finger paint dots

put under sticky contact paper and fill dots with pompoms

use dot stickers

use a wine cork as a stamp

use chalk and do circle practice

laminate sheet and color in dots with white board markers

Grass Hat


This was too cute. I had K help me put 2 pieces of green construction paper through our shredder, I stopped it half way, then I taped the two pieces together to fit his little head. Voila. Grass hat. I had visions of cutting the grass and putting items on his hat, but none of that happened, and he loved wearing his green grass hat around. Too cute and SO easy.

G is for Glue & Grass


I put 2 more pieces of green construction paper through the shredder. Take my advice, and shred 1 piece, maybe only half of 1. Shredding 2 pieces is over kill, for sure. Then I printed a G Outline, I had K help me spread glue around the G and then we put the “grass” all over the G. Adorbs.  I also planned on having him use grapes to fill the G, but that didn’t make the cut this time.

G if for Guitar


After dinner most nights, we spend 30-45 minutes just playing with K, then we spend a half hour or so winding down. So, one night, I had V dust off the ol guitar and play us some music, and K loved it! He ran around and danced and really seemed to enjoy watching V play! It makes my heart just melt to see these two find things they both enjoy! So much fun!

Gordy the Giraffe


We looked through our first words book, and found a giraffe to make out of felt. I drew out the giraffe on paper first, then while I worked on cutting the felt, K “helped” by cutting the paper giraffe. While he napped, I sewed up our fun lil guy. This was a fun animal to choose because there are so many things for us to count! 2 ears, 4 legs, 5 dots, 6 hairs.. K loves him, hes been sleeping with him all week.

Grape Structures


For a morning snack, I cut a ton of grapes in half and we made structures out of grapes using toothpicks. We built a couple mini houses and a teeny castle for Gordy the Giraffe, who is clearly much too large for his castle. I was surprised how into this K was. Definitely a fun snack and an even better learning opportunity!

G is for Blueberry Vanilla Granola Bars


I’m not going to lie to you guys, this was completely coincidental. I had planned on making granola bars, not even making the G connection until the moment we started making them!! K is a cookie and bar monster, he says “bar please” at least 2 times a day. So I try to keep something homemade on hand because store bought granola bars are jam packed with sugar! This recipe, unfortunately is no exception, but they’re made with honey, so thats a tad better! Who am I kidding, they’re basically cookies, but they’re delicious. This time, I let K run the standup mixer, and help me pour in the ingredients, and he did a great job. I have a feeling I’m going to have a great helper in the kitchen in a few years!


Guessing Game

This turned out super cute and fun! I took a small amazon box, and cut a small hole in the top, just big enough for K’s hand to fit through. Then I grabbed a few small items, and told him he had to reach in the box and use only his hands to guess what was in the box. I had to help him hold his hand inside the box while he felt the item to guess what it was, but eventually he got the idea. He loved this! When Daddy got home that evening, we played again with him, and he had a great time running around finding little items to try and trick daddy.


Here are a few of the items I used for our guessing game.


G books


These are the books we pulled out for this week. I’ll be honest, we didn’t do a very good job of intentional reading. Next week, we don’t have much planned, so I plan to focus a lot more on reading!

Glowstick Ball Pit Bath


This was hilarious. I got this idea from an amazing Momma at the library and I couldn’t wait to do it! I told K all day that we had a special “surprise” for him, because I knew he would just love it! The build up gave me some leverage for his behavior for the day too. 😂 We often do glowstick baths in the dark when he’s having a day, but this time we also poured 250 balls in the bathtub with him, and he went NUTS. It was super hard to get a picture of both the balls and the glowing water, so use your imagination. The biggest downfall for this, honestly was cleanup. Dumping the balls IN the tub was easy peasy, however, picking up and drying 250 balls, was a total pain in the balls. ha. Next time, I’ll do this during the day, then bribe him with something yummy to pick them up for me. 😉

Movie: the Good Dinosaur

We picked this gem up from the library. Have you guys seen this?! We’ve watched it, exactly, everyday this week. And holy cannoli, it’s super cute, but I’m not crying, you’re crying!

Grow Chart

There’s always a dud! This was it. Which is unfortunate, because I thought this would be fun! So I took a large roll of paper, (that I ordered on amazon specifically for this activity) and rolled out enough to fit J and K on, and I drew an outline around them. I drew their pants, and shirts, and hair. I am most definitely not an artist, so I will not be sharing pictures of this one. I thought it would be interesting for K to see his actual size, and I thought he would enjoy coloring himself.. I was wrong. He didn’t care. He was more interested in the marker caps. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’m going to hang onto them and see if I can repurpose them. I’ll let ya know!

That’s all for G week! Thanks for reading friends! Leave me some love, is anyone following along with their own letter of the week? Don’t forget to click follow for email updates! 😘



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