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Hey Friends!! Happy Sunday! V and I went out to a lovely Christmas party at a friends house last night, and we woke up this morning both agreeing that we are far too old for this. We can no longer hang. Nope. I didn’t even get wild, but 2am is just too late for this Momma. I like dinner at 5:30 and to be in my cozies and curled up by 9pm, so, I’m basically like 92 now.


Every week I tell myself I am going to work on my posts throughout the week, so that I’m not rushing with my sleepy thoughts on Sunday afternoon, when I really should be meal prepping and activity prepping and ordering groceries and folding laundry and sweeping and of the other 983 other things I should be doing. But here we are, 1:30pm on Sunday, and I have a million things to accomplish before 7pm. {Yawn} I’m definitely going to bed at 7.

Next week, I’m definitely going to work on my time management, pinky promise.

Okay, F week! I have lots of favorite F words, 🙉 Here is my F-word bank. This is what I start with for each week, a word bank at the top of my notebook page, so that I can find toys and inspiration in our house. And write down ideas as they come to me. I’ve decided to start sharing my word banks to help you find ways to easily incorporate some of these ideas if you choose to do so!

F: fox, fire, friends, four, five, feet, float, flower, fly (insect), fly (verb), foam, foil, fog, fizz, fruit, feelings, felt, frog, firetruck, firehose, firehydrant, fish, food

Obvi there are many more, but this is what I worked from.

F is for Firetruck


I will include my super cute dot sheet at the bottom of this post, along with a few others free printables. K was much more interested in artsy activities this week, so we used our purple do-a-dot marker and counted each of the dots on this sheet. I’ve found that K is much more willing to play with these markers when I give him 1. If I offer him all 6, or give him color choices, he spends his time playing with the markers, twisting off the tops, screwing around and not really focusing on the task at hand. Give him 1 marker, no choice of color, and he gets right to business. TODDLERS 🤷🏼‍♀️ amiright?!

A few modification ideas:

finger paint dots

put under sticky contact paper and fill dots with pompoms

use dot stickers

use a wine cork as a stamp

use chalk and do circle practice

laminate sheet and color in dots with white board markers

Ff mini book


I found these books at TheMeasuredMom, you can find them here. She has a ton of fun letter of the week ideas and inspiration! F is one of the letters that K doesn’t pronounce correctly. Instead of fish, he says Pish, fork is pork, you get the idea. So, all week, I would have him watch my mouth, and we would say “Ffff, ffff, fffff, fork” and by Thursday maybe, he started actually making the F sound! I was so pleased! So now he says “ffff, fffff, fffff, pork”. So. Progress. 😂 baby steps.

Flower Sensory Bin


We went to the dollar store for a few new things, and I let K pick out a bouquet of fake flowers, we got some new rocks, and some red sand, and I made him a rocks and flowers sensory bin. Guys. Do. This. Today. This activity is seriously everything. He has been playing with it all week, and the best part about it, I have given him 0 direction for this, it’s been completely open and imaginative play. He’s picked out some of his play cups and shovels and filled them with rocks and sand, he’s played in it with his tractors, he played with the rocks in paper towel rolls, one day incorporated some matchbox cars. He dumped in all over the floor one day which was super fun, but other than that, it’s been a huge success. 10/10, 5 sparkly stars.

Playdoh F


I printed an F outline and we played with playdoh. My biggest suggestion when it comes to playdoh, is, again, don’t give them any choices. I picked out 2 colors for him, and left the rest in the closet, other wise he would have just spent the entire time emptying all of the playdoh containers. Sometimes this is fine, but I had a goal. First we rolled out the playdoh, which is tough for their little hands to do! Then we made the F out of snakes and balls and we smushed them as we talked about the F sound and words that start with F.. “fffff, fffff, fffffff peet” 😂

F is for Fire


I had 2 fire activities planned, and they both were super cute. The first, we used red, orange and yellow paint, and sponged it into Ks foot and made “F is for Fire” with a foot print. Adorbs. He loved this.

Generally, we talk a lot about fire because we have a wood burning stove in our living room that heats our home during the winter. We occasionally do not put up the gate around the stove, because we are trying to teach K how to be safe around the stove, and how to be responsible. He gets it, but, let’s be real. he’s 2, so we still keep the gate up most of the time. We taught K sign language before he was talking and one of the first signs he learned was fire.. he’s a pyro just like his Daddy.

Fire Rescue


I built a simple structure out of Duplos and set up a little scene, with a guy, and his 2 Duplo dinosaurs. I also made a “fire truck” out of his Duplos. Then I mixed some shaving cream and red and yellow food coloring and I put it all over the house. I sat K down in front of it, told him there was a fire, and we needed to save his guy and the Dinos and put out the fire to save the guys house. I gave him a spray bottle and he went to town! He LOVED this! He sprayed and sprayed and sprayed and talked to the guy about the fire and fire truck.


It was adorable. Then, when he was soaked and everything was covered in shaving cream, I tossed his little tush in the kitchen sink and had him give everything a “bath”. Real talk. All in all, he played with this activity for nearly 2 hours, which is a lifetime. Do you have any idea how much I can do in 2 hours?!


Ff post its

Another super easy one, takes just a few minutes to throw together! I took a handful of post-it’s in 2 colors. I wrote “F” on one color and “f” on the other, and then stuck them all over the place. We’ve done this many times, and I switch the room we play in, or the color of stickies, or even the difficulty of getting to them. This time, I put a piece of contact paper on the dishwasher and had him sort the posits that way, but you could also have a bowl for each to be sorted in instead!


This is a great activity for when I want to calm K down, when he’s getting really wound up, when I need to get him off the tablet, or when I need him to go play in the living room so I can mop the kitchen. Easy peasy!

Modification ideas:

Older kids- Use postits with all letters, call out various words and “starts with” “ends with”

Sorting modification- use same color postits and F and f. Work on the difference between capital and lower case.

F is for Food


I decided to let K help me make a recipe. So we made some almond flour cheesey crackers. He loves to help, but I’m a little neurotic, so this time I vowed to let him do a little more than I normally do. He got to crack the eggs, mix the dough, use the rolling pin, cut out some crackers with a pizza wheel.


He did really well!! It’s honestly amazing how much he can do when I stop worrying about the mess we are making and just let him, and myself, have a good time. Crackers were yummy too!


Fast vs Slow on FOUR

I set up some construction paper tunnels in the kitchen and grabbed some matchbox cars. I purposefully counted to “ffff, ffff, four” instead of 1, 2, 3 and then I pushed the cars through the tunnels, sometimes they went fast, sometimes slow. He definitely understands fast vs slow so this activity lasted all of 4 minutes. I wasn’t even going to mention this, but I don’t want anyone thinking that every activity that we do is a winner. That is most definitely not the case. Sometimes they’re total duds.

F is for Frog


Speaking of dud! I cut 4 lilypads out of green felt, and K and I hopped around on them like frogs one morning, we had a blast! Then I thought I’d cut more lilypads, and since I was out of green felt, I made them various colors. I imagined I could call out “purple” and he’d frog hop over to the purple. I laid down a blue blanket, made our rainbow lake, got a cute little turtle and alligator toy to complete my rainbow lake scene. I went live on IG because this was about to be adorable… guess what.. He refused and still keeps refusing to do anything with the 13 rainbow lilypads I made for him. Pshh.. 😂 I’ll get him eventually. Mark my words.

I had a few more activities I really wanted to do, but we had a super busy week and I ran out of time!


I love the feedback and comments I’ve received so far! Keep in mind, I’m totally winging it over here, so it seriously means the world to me when I hear from you guys! I’m gonna go make some coffee and get to planning the week ahead, thanks for reading!

Fun printables 👇🏼


F Outline



🦖 B 🦕

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