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Hey Everyone! So, I love to cook and bake and I find nothing more satisfying than making something from scratch! I just wish I could convince my oldest stinker to eat anything I make! toddlers,  pshhhh. I, obviously, have no classical training in the kitchen, I learned a lot from my folks and grandparents and good ol YouTube has taught me quite a bit. Seriously, I was too embarrassed to call my mom once and ask if there was a difference between green onions and scallions, and how to chop them. YouTube has EVERYTHING. So, I thought it might be fun to write a blog post about my favorites in my kitchen, fun right?

Firstly, we despise our coffee pot. Does anyone have coffee pot that they love, because we surely don’t love ours. We woke up to a dead Mr.Coffee a few years back and our current maker was a “umm shit, we need one NOW”  purchase. A sure way to piss me off is to mess with my coffee. And, when you shop for a coffee pot, you’re going to pay either $15 or $200, nothing in between… I’m clearly not rolling in the dough over here, so, $200 is pretty steep, where are the $70 happy medium old reliable coffee pots out there?! Anyways, I kinda hate it. I mean, sure, it makes my lifesaving liquid gold every morning (and afternoon), but why does half a cup of coffee drip onto the counter from the side of the carafe every time we pour a cup of coffee? And why does the little coffee apartment leak grounds into the carafe like 90% of the time. AND, my least favorite thing about it, is why does it beep so. freaking. loud. Theres no way to turn that feature off!? That’s the last thing I want to hear before I’ve had a cup of coffee, 4 drawn out loud obnoxious beeps. Trust me Mr. Coffee maker, I will not forget about you, no need to be loud and needy. Anyways.. I’m supposed to be talking about things I love. whoops.

My absolute favorite item of my kitchen are my knives and my knife magnet.


I don’t have a ton, but I also truly only need like 3 good knives. V let me pick out 2 fancy knives for Mothers Day this year, and I’ve been cutting all the things since! They seriously slice through a sweet potato like nothing I’ve ever seen before. I have a couple IKEA knives, which I was pleasantly impressed with, but the real heart throbs of the kitchen, are my Zwillilng J.A. Henckels Twin Four Star High Carbon, Stainless steel 8 inch chefs knife, and the 6 inch utility knife. These bad boys are made in Germany and I LOVE THEM. I just looked on Amazon, and the Cyber Monday deals make these like half price what we paid, which is amazing. Go buy them now.  I never realized how necessary a good knife was in the kitchen, until I had one. If you like to cook, even a little, or you have to cook, to keep your people alive, you need a good knife for meal prep. Do yourself a favor and check these guys out. #NOTSPONSORED, by anyone. How do I get these guys to sponsor me?

Next item on my kitchen must haves, and I know this might be silly, but is my Cuisinart toaster oven.


And hear me out before you unsubscribe from my blog all together! This little gem, is a LIFE SAVER, and I use it daily. Its 6:20am right now, and I’ve already used it today. It preheats and bakes up dino shaped chicken nuggets for the toddler in like 13 minutes. Does anyone know how long it takes a conventional oven to preheat to 425 degrees? Too damn long. When shit is hitting the fan, I need to be able to make food for the crazed toddler as fast as possible, because, apparently, you’re not supposed to feed them cookies for dinner. It NEVER burns toast, and I can also roast a ton of veggies in 32 minutes flat. After I chop them up with my handy knives (see above) toss them on a baking sheet, drizzle some avocado oil on top, my toaster oven is preheated in like 2 minutes, and I’m done and I can move on to the other gazillion things I still have to do every evening before dinner. The baby is eating purees now, and I’m so proud of him, but I seriously have to start the dinner dance at like 3:30 to have dinner on the table by 5:30, which is craaaazy talk. I will do anything to save some time and not compromise the integrity of my home cooked meals. Trust me on this, toss your toaster, get a toaster oven. I’m not including a picture of mine, because it’s disgusting and old and I need to submerge it in a bath of lemon juice and baking soda to get it clean again.


I find a lot of cooking inspiration from the internet, of course, but I love my cook books. There’s something about following a recipe from a paper book, I will always choose something from my cookbooks over the internet. I love writing my thoughts in my books too, “10/10 make again” “V hated, B Loved” “Add double ginger” It’s hard to do that on the internet. My current favorites are Thug Kitchen and Thug Kitchen 101.

I just got these for my birthday this year. They are hilarious, sarcastic, smart ass-y, and jam-packed full of healthy recipes, my kind of books. The Thug Kitchen books are vegetarian recipes, we are meat eaters, but we like vegetarian recipes too. This is where my favorite cauliflower tacos recipe came from. So Good!!

Next is, One Pan, Two Plates by Carla Snyder.


This book is SO PRETTY guys. Food photography is tough, but Carlas got it going on. I love that these recipes only use 1 pan, the down fall is no left overs, and as much as I like to cook, I live for leftover nights, because that’s the only time I get a break from my dinner responsibilities. So, I usually double these recipes to make enough for the 3 of us, and it works out perfectly.  The Flank Steak and squash hash seen on the cover is incredible, I make that one fairly often.

Of course, my Magnolia Table book by Joanna Gaines.


duh, Chip and Jo are like the cutest humans alive. She has such a great outlook on life, and I don’t have words for those chocolate chip cookies. Come on. Winner.


Lastly, is Lodges Cast Iron Nation.

If you use cast iron pans, like we do, this book is incredible! It’s super pretty, and has some amazing ideas for fun ways to use your cast iron skillets!

Which is a perfect segue way into my next favorite. I love my cast iron skillets, I have a large skillet, a small egg skillet, a tiny sauce pot great for warming up sauces or dips, a dutch oven, and a flat bacon/pancake skillet. V’s mom has been getting us cast iron every year for Christmas, and we’ve got quite the collection these days. So, one day I came into the kitchen, and V was throwing out all my old pots. These pots were old, I think they came from my grandma when I first moved out on my own, the teflon was peeling, they were in rough shape. He was right, but come on, you can’t just toss all my pots and expect me to be able to cook meals! So, I made an emergency run in search of non-teflon pots, and the sales lady talked me into this Calphalon stainless steel 12 inch everyday pan, and I do not regret this purchase, at all!


It’s super versatile and amazing. I use it to saute veggies and boil noodles and cook grilled cheese. It literally is good for everything! It’s not coated, it’s dishwasher safe, it looks exactly the same as the day I bought it! Shiny and pretty. It’s safe on range or glass cooktops. The top for it is clear glass, which is necessary for me and I also like that the side pan handles are small, so it takes up less space. Get rid of those coated pots friends, they’re bad news, all you need is some avocado oil and nothing sticks! Sadly, I’ve burnt plenty of stuff in this pan, they get hot a lot faster than what I’m accustomed to, and its no big deal.

What are some of your favorites? I’m always on the hunt for new awesome cook books and goodies to keep in my kitchen. Please leave me a comment of your favs! I’m excited to share our Letter F week with you later this weekend. Thanks for reading friends.


🦖 B 🦕

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