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Hey Everyone! I hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend and for everyone here in the US,  I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving. Guess who was wishing folks from Australia and Europe “Happy Thanksgiving” on IG.. ha, YUP-this girl.. So, to all my friends NOT in the US, happy weekend!


So, for the Thanksgiving holiday, we took a short 3 hour drive to my folks house. We got to visit with family, which is always amazing and super exhausting. My sister, we will call her Moses, (because that’s what I actually call her) came over to my Moms and we all made like 15 sides, enough food for a small army. It was a super fun day, and I’m pleased to annouce we DID NOT burn the rolls this year. There are a few staples for Thanksgiving that we make, but most years we try to shake it up a bit and make a few new things. I’m working on a post of a few of my favorite recipes. Food photography is tough, kuddos to all you food bloggers out there. I’m not sure I’ll have pictures.


Thanksgiving 2017 was quite the memorable one, the guys tried to deep fry a turkey without the proper equipment (and likely too much laughter and beers). They deep fried it to holy heaven and back. So. Funny. This is my brother B proudly holding the ash turkey, we ate a whole lotta sides that year.

So this year, the guys had their 17 pound redemption turkey, and my mom smartly roasted a 2nd  “backup” turkey… So much faith. So much turkey.  The redemption turkey turned out great, and the backup turkey (and wonderful stuffing) wasn’t done until 3 hours after we ate. One of these years we will get it together.. Until then, I’m gonna keep taking pictures (proof) and laughing about the fun memories we make.


A long-standing family tradition we have is to go to Pine Crest Christmas Tree Farm on the Friday after Thanksgiving. This is arguably more important to me than Thanksgiving Dinner. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some corn casserole and pumpkin pie, but I love my traditions more. Every year, someone goes. When I was growing up, it was always my folks, and my siblings. Now, the family has spread across the US, we’ve increased in numbers with babies and significant others, decreased in size due to divorces and breakups. Some years a few of us have to work, or don’t make it into town, so each year is a little different, but each year, someone goes and gets a tree.


You may not know this about me, but I am super sentimental. I love traditions, and family heirlooms, and I just want to know everything from my grandparents. They have so much knowledge, so many memories. It’s such a humbling thing to sit and talk with them about their parents, their memories, their childhood. I want to collect all those sweet memories, dusty pictures, delicious recipes and pretty dinner plates to give to my kiddos. I find the idea of forgotten memories to be really chilling and thinking about it makes me super sad. Memories, heirlooms and traditions are all super important to me. I sure hope my boys care about this stuff someday.

Anyhoo, this place is so fun. It’s in the middle of nowhere USA. Back down like 5 miles of tiny muddy dirt roads, you have to pull over to let oncoming cars with their newly cut bundled tree tied on top pass. Parking is a mess, and there are people everywhere. I’m doing a really great job of selling this place, huh? Normally, this type of thing would be a nightmare for an anxiety ridden person like me, but it’s far from it. It’s a dream! They have tractors and big beautiful horses that pull you around the farm to the type of Christmas tree you’d like. They sell a gazillion personalized ornaments inside the barn, give out free hot chocolate and coffee (and lots of it, this place is busy busy busy). It’s charming, and family owned, the best way to get into the Christmas spirit and I find it all super inspiring. I have such sweet memories of being a little girl and being at this farm. At that time, it was just a little building, and a house and a couple horses. Now, what they’ve grown into, is amazing. The young guy driving us out to our tree of choice, Douglas Firs, was clearly very knowledgable about the horses and the farm. I figured he was a family member, and that just made my sentimenal heart throb. I love it. I find it all so inspiring because I think it shows that anybody can do anything with the right tools. This family has grown into such a memory maker for my family, I can’t help but love them for creating such a wonderful sentiment for myself and my family.


What fun family traditions do you have? I’m anxious to start some traditions that our boys can enjoy for their childhood! Maybe in 30 years they’ll be sharing how much fun they had doing X,Y, and Z. One can only hope!


I’m looking forward to starting our letter F week tomorrow, and getting back into our routine. It’s been a fun few days, but I’m sure I’ve gained 14 pounds at this point and we have no food in the house, so it’s time to get to work! Thanks for reading everyone! Have a super Sunday and a great week!



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