Meeeeeeh days

I’ve been trying to start my Letter D post for a few days, and it’s just not working. I’m so crabby! It’s not good folks. J hasn’t been sleeping, so I haven’t been sleeping. There’s a mountain of laundry to put away. The entire kitchen needs to be organized. I need to rotate J’s clothes to 9m stuff, and figure out where the hell to store the NB, 3m and 6m stuff he’s already outgrown. I need to take pictures of the never used bassinet and put it online to sell. I started a gallery picture wall project, and naturally the project took on a mind of its own and now I have to repaint the living room. Right. I’ll get right on that. 😂 That’s the short list guys. I need an assistant, and like 16 or 37 million dollars.

Unless I’ve had an ungodly amount of coffee, it’s really hard to be witty and charming when I’m just exhausted and pissed off. Nobody wants to read “exhausted and pissed off”, right? Cuz, right now, I could knock your socks off if that’s what’s you’re into. 😆

(And before anyone says it, I know, I know, I know, they’re only little once, believe me, I’m trying to make every day and moment count. But, I still have to find a way to fold all this damn laundry, sleep a few hours a day AND keep my sanity in tact. Right?) So, unless you’re gonna come over and join the laundry party I’m throwing this evening, I don’t want to hear it, Susan.

Short back story- Since the day we came home from the hospital, J refused to sleep anywhere but with me. So, at first, I was like, whatevs, I tossed his squishy tush in a sling carrier and I was back to being a hands free momma getting shit done. That’s all well and fine during the day, then night happens. Only wants to sleep with me, will wake up EVERY 30 MINUTES and cry until I go get him. And real talk here, my primary responsibility is to take care of a toddler and an infant. The toddler doesn’t give a shit if I’m tired, so we are in pure survival mode over here. It’s unfair to K for me to be spread so thin and so tired. So, I give in, the baby sleeps with me at night. Naps in his crib. sometimes.

I imagine this is pretty normal for moms, but, I feel like I’m being pulled in 100 different directions by things that need me, but all I really want to do is take a quiet shower.. or sleep in. (I never appreciated sleeping in like I should have!) Maybe fold the laundry at a comfortable pace and not ending up short of breath because I’m moving as fast as the cashiers at Aldi. 😂 You know what I’m talking about. “Slow down Debbie! Where’s the fire?!”

Anyways, I’m a pretty low key person. I don’t ask for much. But somedays, meeeeh, and this week has been extra meh.

We’ve had lots of good days, sure! Had a couple really fun play dates, and it was nice seeing some of our amazing friends. Thank goodness for good friends.


 T-Rex Sighting at Discount Tire! I mean, come on. This kid. 

I try to take a deep breath, and just go 1 hour at a time, but I’m just so tired. I’m so short, and we have entirely too much stuff. I want to donate all  of our things. I, also, have to actively remind myself to be nice and patient and that my sleep deprivation isn’t anyone’s fault, so I can’t punish them with my crabass attitude. But that sucks and sometimes it just takes over and I end up being a huge bitch. Then I feel terrible and mom guilt sets in and it’s a whole thing.

Somedays, I’m like, “B, a blog? Really? YOU DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR THIS” but, that’s unfair to me. I enjoy writing about my life. This is for me, and I will continue it. Mic drop.

Anyone else feeling meh these days? If so, Im sending you some good vibes so we can perk up together! Do you have any helpful hints for turning meh days around? aside from like 45 hours of sleep, send me your ideas! 😘 I will get it together and have a Letter D post for you tomorrow. Pinky promise.

Now, I’m gonna go warm up my cold coffee, kiss my littles, slap on a smile and make some breakfast. Thanks for listening. 😘


🦖 B

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