Letter C

C is for change, aka Time Change. 😑 it’s currently 4:57am on the Sunday of the dreaded time change. J wont sleep, K usually wakes up at 6:30, so he’ll most likely be up within the hour. Awesome. Momma is gonna need a nap and a whole lotta coffee. ☕️

C is also for candy. So much Halloween Candy.

This week we did a lot of fun stuff, loosely focused on the letter C.


K was much less interested in the artsy fartsy stuff I had planned, UNTIL, we learned the word “cut” and I broke out the toddler scissors. Boy is OBSESSED. I started with making a bunch of playdoh snakes, and we talked about how to use scissors safely and what we were allowed to cut. “open close open close” I figured playdoh was a safe place to start, he loves playdoh and he sure did enjoy cutting those snakes into tiny pieces! He quickly expressed interest in cutting paper, “cut like momma” and did surprisingly well cutting along some lines I drew on his construction paper! I had to remind him for a few days that cutting was a 1 hand activity, but he’s getting the idea! I’ll be honest, while trying to cook/clean this week, I’ve definitely sat him at the table with “his mail” and his scissors and let him shred all our junk mail into oblivion. 😂


I made some car paper tunnels in the middle of the kitchen and we talked about fast vs slow. After we did this together, I needed to start dinner, so I moved his tunnels onto a big box in the living room with a disposable aluminum cookie sheet taped to the end. So as he sent his cars through the tunnels they made a loud bang at the end. K loves to play cars and trucks. K loves loud noises. Win. Win. Also, there’s something super reassuring about hearing him play and knowing exactly what he is up to. 

On one of the nicer days, we went outside and counted. Once I figure out how, I’ll share my docs on here too, but basically I printed a sheet, with an airplane, a car, a truck, a school bus and a garbage truck, all of which we typically see outside on any given day. As we saw them, we put a dot sticker on the sheet, and we counted our stickers. K loved this. I set him up with a snack and we sat in our chairs and just hung out and talked about the weather, the leaves changing, our neighborhood. It was pretty great.

We played with glue sticks and construction paper and made a caterpillar with a fun fuzzy pipe cleaner. I’m surprised how long this little guy has lasted, K likes making him wiggle along the floor.

Semi-successful activities: (I’m definitely going to try these again when we get back to our sugar-free lifestyle next week. K had a lot of trouble sitting still for these types of activities, because he had snickers and skittles running through his veins)

We glued cotton balls to a C and made a cloud. 

We glued together a chicken out of construction paper.

We made a cupcake with sprinkles out of paper and felt.

I’m excited to share what I’ve got planned for letter D next week!

xo, B

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