Yay new blog!



EEEEK, I cannot even explain how excited I am to be typing this! I’ve wanted to start a blog for oh-so-long. I had lots of reasons not to, such as…

1. I have so little free-time. NEG-A-TIVE. and I’m by no means complaining, its by design! The only time I sit and relax is when I’m sick. Even then, it’s very hard for me to just chill.

2. Not to toot my own horn, but I’m kind of a terrible writer… (ask any of my college profs). While I follow a lot of bloggers who are also amazing at forming cohesive paragraphs, apparently in the blog world, Its okay if you suck at writing! Take that ENG Professor @ OU. (She once tried to fail me for writing a paper that was beyond my abilities.. Long story, I’ll tell that one another time)

I’m getting waaaay off track here. Anyways, today, I received some inspiration from my girl @devyn.p.miller, here’s her blog. She’s sweet as pie, a total babe and super talented.  Go check her out. Anyways, here I am!

So, why am I starting a blog? Good question, I clearly have so much free time, I just can’t deal. (I need to go move the laundry, remind me to do that before the boys wake up) Really, I just want to talk about my life! … and food. Because, duh. Are you even a blog if you’re not discussing food? me thinks not. I kid, I kid.

We are currently doing a “letter of the week” at home right now. We are working on letter C this week. I’m honestly not convinced K (2 years old) gets it, but, its making our days fun and at the very least, giving our activities more direction. So I’ll let you all know how that’s going!


A few more things about me, My name is Bridget! (Who waits until like the 6th paragraph to introduce themselves? I told you I was excited) I’m a midwest momma and I love a lot of things. I am a very outgoing person, who really really really loves peace and quiet and to not be around most people. I am a very honest person, I take no shit, but I hate hurting peoples feelings, and I also can’t lie to save my life. Yup, some of my personality traits are quite conflicting. I see that now. I have a Cricut, and a Singer, I love to craft and DIY. I enjoy cooking and baking. I try to cook at least 1 home cooked meal a day, often I have to cook 3 full meals, those days aren’t particularly my favorite. I LOVE COFFEE. And not the sugary pretty drinks from SB, I love my trusty ceramic coffee mug with a big hot cup of fresh black coffee. I make a pot of decaf almost every afternoon. Gimme Gimme.

This is V with K at his families cabin earlier this summer. V is the best, he’s my rock, for sure my best friend. He happily puts up with my level of crazy, and often supports it!

Heres my littles.. Aren’t they cute?


K is almost 2 1/2. Hes a sweetheart who loves to give hugs and kisses, and tells me daily that he loves me. He also jumps off of everything, and can’t walk through a room without face planting or hitting his head on something. He loves trucks, tractors, riding his bike and dinosaurs. He also loves cuddling and books and Doc McStuffins. He is ALL BOY, and he’s amazing. He was an Ice Cream Cone for Halloween. Next year, we will be finding something a little more appropriate for a amateur seamstress to accomplish.


J is 4 months now. He’s the happiest, chillest baby! He was exclusively breast fed until yesterday, we started oatmeal. J likes things too, like his cute little wooden teether, his bouncer, his Momma and the boobs.

Thanks for being here! Till next time,



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